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How StreamLine Sites Get Made

There are lots of different ways you can make a web site; You can do it yourself, you can have your cousin do it, you can hire a production company to create it from the initial meeting to the final champagne launch.

Using StreamLine the process usually follows a similar path.
1. You find a Web designer you get along with and they create a look that you like. With StreamLine this only has to be a single page.
2. You approve the new look of the site and the Designer passes the finished design onto us.
3. We create an admin area for you to maintain the site yourself and automate the menu to reflect whatever pages you create from now on.
4. You select a username and password to access the admin area and pay us.
5. Done.

We have several web designers who work with us regularly. If you need a reference please let us know.

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At It's Most Basic

We do everything from the most Basic of CMS (Content Management Systems) to very complex online payments, SMS interactivity and database queries. But at it's most basic you want to be able to create/edit/delete pages, upload/delete files and backup your work.

With this in mind our most basic package consists of the following;
  • Automation of a single page as template
  • Single Username/Password access to admin area
  • Setup of mySql database
  • Page editor
  • File editor
  • Database backup editor
  • Friendly URLS (so www.mysite.com/index.php?page_id=34 shows as www.mysite.com/ourstaff_34.html)

Our Basic Package costs $AUD 730.00 + GST

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Costs and Responsibilities

Things you will need to do first.
  • Find and pay a web Designer
  • Get yourself a domain name or at least some web space
  • This web space needs to be PHP enabled and have a mySql Database
  • You will need to purchase a Milonic licence for your automated menu: (Milonic.com) Milonic provide the most versatile and customisable menus on the market, and their licences are currently about $AUD60.00
  • You will need to provide us with access details to the server

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Try It Out

Maintaining your new site will be very easy as the admin area is very user friendly, but some practice before hand is always helpful.
We've set up a mock Minimum admin area for you to try out and see if you like the functionality. You can't hurt this area in any way as the database links have been disabled, feel free to click any button and fill in any fields.
Click HERE to go to what you would see in your own admin area.