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Custom Programming
Mixed Fortune 1.0
Below is an example of some custom coding. A Client wanted a Fortune-Cookie-Like message on the home page that changed everyday and brought viewers back each morning.

Rather than setting a random "you will meet a tall stranger" type system we looked at the rough consensus on 'rules' for determining the western and eastern horoscopes, runes, six thinking hats and the Chinese I Ching and got the code to run them every morning and come up with an aggregate numerical value for Love, Money, Happiness, Change and numerous other factors as they pertain to that time of day and the geographical location of the Server the code runs on.

Getting the code to express these numerical values in comprehendable English was the hard part. At last count this module provides a little over 32 million million different predictions. The image you see (a jpeg) is comprised of a beige base with a black border, a western horoscope image that changes monthly, an eastern horoscope image that changes yearly and text that changes each time you refresh.

The Mixed Fortune on the Home page calculates daily, this one calculates onLoad.
(Hit Refresh to see a more current prediction)

just an orange line

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