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PHPerfect (pronounced Pea Haitch Perfect) is a Web Coding company. As the name suggests we predominately use the programming language PHP but we also do HTML and Javascript.

One question we are often asked is what is the difference between Web Coding and Web Design; and we use the analogy of automotive manufacture. The most important part of the car to a lot of people is how it looks. This is the job of the Designer. They decide the shape, the colour, the number of doors and seats, the tint and angle of the windows etc. Once you are happy with the look, the Designer passes on the details to the Coder who translates the colour "Light Bluish" to "#66CCFA" and proceeds to build the engine, sound system and rack & pinion steering. As we specialise in PHP coding (a reasonably complex language) we prefer to work with the ISPs and Web Designers of clients rather than the clients directly. You can ask for "Light Bluish" and the designer can translate it into "#66CCFA" for us. If the Coder has done their job well, you don't even notice it (like the best Butlers).

PHPerfect started in 2003 doing custom BURP (Browser Updatable Replicating Pages) for small online businesses. Our companies target demographic has slowly drifted into the more professional CMS (Content Management System) market for larger businesses.

Our inhouse CMS system is called StreamLine and it's very user friendly and completely customisable.

Online Examples will enable you to try out an inactive StreamLine system and Catalogue will give some information about the type of custom services we offer.

I hope you enjoy the site.


Christopher Vogel (manager)
August, 2021